What Is Viral Souls Affiliate Network?
Viral Soul is a platform that enables publishers to earn money from their Facebook pages by sharing viral content links and providing traffic to the website.
Who can Join?
Anyone who has an active Facebook page with a good number of followers can join.
How can I start?
You have to sign up through your Gmail account and add your page or pages in which you want to share the links. After that, we will check your pages and approve them. Then you can get access to our links, which you can share on your page or pages. You can check your earnings on your Dashboard.
What is PPC?
PPC stands for pay per click. We pay ₹ 50 for 1000 clicks for premium content.
How does payment cycle works?
We have fortnightly payment cycle. Payment will be calculated on 15th and 30th of every month, and it will be processed within 10 working days.
Is there any minimum pay out amount?
Yes, we have a minimum payout amount of ₹ 1000. That means on any of the payout dates, we will make the payment only if your calculated amount is ₹ 1000 or more.
How many payment methods do we have?
Bank Transfer & PayPal.
Why is my account banned?
We regularly check accounts and pages to confirm the quality of traffic and source. If we find anything wrong (like misleading captions, sharing links in non-approved pages) we will flag your account and thereafter, the account may get banned.